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it’s time

The retreats are over, I’m almost out of milk, and I’m starting to see the Twin Rocks in my breakfast toast. I’d say it’s about time for That Man to come on home.

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another angle

Mauri e-mailed this picture after reading last night’s post. Whatever it is (was), it caused at least two of us to notice. Mauri snapped this from the Barview Jetty, out on the Oregon Coast.

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oregon sky

I don’t get out much, that’s no secret. So a drive to the next “big” town over opens wide my world. Today, on my way to McMinnville for acupuncture treatment #3 (it’s working!), I had to pull over to the … Continue reading

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sick days

Half way though Monday I came home, sick. Not deathly sick, but definitely puny. (I love that word from my years of living in the South.) I felt like reclining, wrapped in a blanket, and nothing else. Yesterday I was … Continue reading

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Last Friday two (expected) packages waited on the front porch for me to get home from work. One was big, one small. The normal me would find a nice place to store new software and the new gadget until … … Continue reading

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oscar night

The very day I felt the need for a side view of Rachel, one month from delivering our grandson Oscar, she posted this on Facebook.  She’s wondered lately if her kid might have more than two legs. Sounds like he’s … Continue reading

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I first met Craig MacDonald when he was my Sunday school teacher at Berean Bible Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan. Even though that was in the late ’80s, I think, I still carry with me his important teachings. Craig has … Continue reading

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another hard day at the beach

I’ll start listening for the garage door in about a half an hour. My dear man is returning for part of the weekend, and we’re low on milk. If I were a better man, I’d go to the store. But … Continue reading

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I left you with the impression I spend every January evening watching movies and eating junk. While that’s absolutely true, I redeem myself by also doing our taxes. And the senior Macys’ taxes. (Actually, we hire Nancy to prepare the … Continue reading

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january space

I might have already mentioned that Mauri is at the coast. This is his eighth year in a row to help with leadership of four week-long retreats. I used to get invited to attend one or all of the retreats, … Continue reading

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