old series, new series

A while ago I issued a warning that I love series pictures and would probably be posting them from time to time. I hope that warning’s still in effect because I have a couple of fun (at least I think they’re fun) pictures series for you. The first one goes back a few years, six or more, when I made a mirror for Quinn. Just before I packed it up for shipping to Denver I took this picture to let her know it was on its way:


Not many days later I got this picture via e-mail,


showing me it had arrived in one piece. (Since then, the glass has warped and could now be used in an amusement arcade.)

Today I added a new series to my collection. It started 35 years ago when Mauri took this picture of baby Rachel and her mom, Margaret-Rose, with a sign she painted (on a stool seat) to express her joy of motherhood.


Now Rachel is anticipating the joy of motherhood (February 22), and it was time to pass along the sign, stored in the attic for such a time as this, to the next generation. Just before we packed it in the box for shipping to Philadelphia, I took this picture:


Everything has to be documented, you know.  =)

The package was supposed to be delivered before Christmas. I could hardly contain my anticipation of its arrival, so large is my love of sentiment. This morning a picture showed up on our cell phones:


Rachel said we’d probably guess this was her favorite thing in the box. Mine too.

Bonus pics with Rachel’s captions:


“Johnny is ready to rock the baby monitor.”


“We are sure our kid will be cuter than this, though the hat really helps cute up a roll of paper towels.”


“What can I say about the sign, except that I love it. When John finds the stud-finder, to the wall it will go.”

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One Response to old series, new series

  1. Julene says:

    Great old and new thoughts, things, and artwork! ( I think that you and your daughter had the same color scheme)!
    Looking forward to hearing the good news on Feb. 22nd!!

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