a few christmas highlights

Christmas begins on Christmas Eve, for me anyway. We were so happy that our weird weather didn’t cause our church to cancel its traditional Christmas Eve candlelight services. An “angel” volunteered to plow our parking lot, a necessity, obviously.


I watched him (Tim Moreland) out of my office window. Took four+ hours, but he finished just in time for early arrivers to the first service at 5 o’clock. Observing his dedication to the mission was one Christmas highlight.

Having unhurried time with Pete and Linsey was another highlight. They live near us but our busy lives don’t allow for much time to just hang out with them. We missed all the others but managed to talk to all but one in our immediate family, even those two vagabonders over in Thailand.

Mom Edna came over to share our big meal, and then she agreed to join in a little jam session in our living room. Here’s a taste:

Yes, she gave a little more than she originally agreed to, but you can see she’s a gamer! That video clip ends with a snapshot of Mauri’s folks. Isn’t that sweet?

We participated in Advent Conspiracy, and instead of gifts we gave donations for diapers and formula to Babies of Juarez. This not only simplified our shopping, but it heightened our awareness of the purpose for Christ’s coming to earth. A highlight for sure!

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1 Response to a few christmas highlights

  1. Marcile says:

    Loved the shots of Macy generations, Edna at the piano and Hazel and Mahlon. What precious people!
    Christmas was good.
    Love. M

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