historic proportions

They say it’s been forty years since our little valley has had this much snow. We woke up to several more inches and had to grab our cameras to shoot yet another set of pictures. So if you’re sick of snow pictures, I encourage you to move to the next blog on your reader. But if not…..


Our glass French doors allowed this shot.


This is stage three of the other identical shots.


As I stepped out on the front steps with my camera, I heard a loud cracking sound and captured this resulting shower of snow on film.


I ventured out in my favorite pink boots.


Did you know we have an “old” front door and a “new” front door? This is the original front entrance with its original twist doorbell.


Mauri shot me from the window. Look at our pathetic rose garden.


Out in the backyard “Pete’s tree” (the one he planted on Arbor Day in first grade) sags from the snow and ice.


Pete’s pop to the rescue!


The birds feasted on the bag of seed Mauri scattered near the feeder.


The boss declared the office closed today, so I was forced to watch the snow accumulate with my left eye and “Pride and Prejudice” with my right eye. I suppose things could be a lot worse.

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4 Responses to historic proportions

  1. Lisa says:

    Pretty much the same over here. Lots of snow and ice, beating our backyard arborvitae that were bending to the ground 😦 feeding the birds, and P&P! Glad for fun blogs to read. 😀

  2. joshua says:

    ……….be wery, wery quiet….. Pete’s Dad is is hunting Sherrys!!!!!!

  3. amy says:

    I wondered where you were when we trudged by your office yesterday. Had I known what you were doing, I would have left the boys in a snow drift so I could catch my favorite scene from Pride and Prejudice!

  4. Mike says:

    Very nice pictures, Sherry! and your pink boots are very nice too.

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