Everybody, and I mean everybody, around these parts is talking about our weather. This much snowfall in a day’s time is so rare I couldn’t not post some pictures, if only for history’s sake, as in “Remember when schools were closed an entire week before the real blizzard hit?” Here’s the picture I posted a week ago, when things were just getting started:


Here’s the same view from our back window tonight:


I s’pose you can see I never did get that fern plant brought in. Here are some more snaps from around the homestead:










We’ve already cancelled our 9 a.m. service tomorrow morning. Mauri and I are laying odds on whether or not we’ll have any at all. He’s in the living room practicing at the moment and will remain hopeful that some can still gather to worship, even if only a few.

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2 Responses to frightful!

  1. Leane says:

    WOW! Great pictures. We are literally watching for snow sometime tonight and the forecasters’ theory is that it will continue for several more days. Raelynn (in Cheney, WA) awoke to snow up to her car windows a couple of days ago. As far as I know, the EWU basketball team and coaches escaped to the Los Angeles area to play ball and then fly to their various homes for Christmas. Wonder if she will be able to land in Boise???

  2. joshua says:

    Hey, As usual your composition is outstanding. Keep it up.

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