You all know the KISS principle: Keep It Simple, Stupid. We’re taking the KISS approach to Christmas decorating this year. Since we have no grandkids coming, neither of us has even brought up the idea of a tree. Two years ago I bought a faux tree with lights at Target’s after-Christmas 75% off sale and hauled it straight to the attic. The house we rented last Christmas in the Colorado Rockies came complete with a tree so it seemed acceptable to take a pass on the tree here in Newberg. For several years prior to that we had a pretty good deal going with some block-away neighbor friends who had to decorate their home for the hoards of university students and faculty who visited their open houses. When they left for Pennsylvania to be with their family for Christmas, we carried off their decorated tree and “planted” it in our living room. But the university has a new president now, and for some reason our pretty good deal didn’t get transferred to the new residents. 

So this year the Macys will go treeless. Neither of us has the gumption for it. But it’s okay. The traditional bulb candles in each of the front windows lets the neighbors know we know what month it is. And, bless her heart, cousin Marcy sent us a box of ten battery-operated tea candles, each with a little on-off switch on the bottom. They even flicker! Mauri put one right to work.


Says he: “I have an idea!”

Then he decided to get creative.


Sweet and simple and subtle decorations. And oh so easy to put away.

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2 Responses to kiss

  1. Leane says:

    Merry Christmas Cousins! Yeah! I am not alone. This year with all the sorting and purging happening at our place we are not having a tree either. I hope Phillip will bring down one nativity set from the garage attic tomorrow. That will be enough. Dinner will be served as usual….;-).

  2. Ridge says:

    We are the absolute opposite extreme to your lovely sounding simplicity…I live with people who like LOTS of stuff out at Christmas, and tho’ I grumble about the work it takes putting it up/taking it down, I have to admit, the finished product does much to ward off the solstice blues! But I secretly long for MUCH LESS stuff. I’m married to a packrat, so the chances of that happening are not good! 🙂

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