it’s different

We had a good dose of snow in Colorado a few weeks ago, but today’s snow belongs to us. I’m not a snow lover—all the inconvenience, you know—but I sure enjoy looking at it from the inside. Mauri likes to remember how snow entered into the decision for me to move to Oregon, rather than for him and his kids to move to Michigan, when we got married. After ten years of lake-effect winters, I didn’t care if I ever saw snow again. It snows in Oregon now and then, but it usually melts before we need a shovel.

Maybe I should bring in the fern plant. That’s such an inconvenience! But leaving it out might give passers-by the impression I don’t take good care of my plants.

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3 Responses to it’s different

  1. Ridge says:

    But we all know the REAL truth about the fern plant! We got 3″ up here and LOTS of bitter cold wind right out of the Yukon! But it’s VERY, VERY clear and crips…great picture taking weather if your shutter isn’t frozen!

  2. Ridge says:

    Oh…and imagine my loss if you had stayed in Michigan…we may never have met!

  3. Leane says:

    Yup….the fern needs a break. Maybe a blanket would do but the news here tonight is that you Oregonians are colder than we are. I think Idaho will catch up in a couple of days. BTW–we’re glad you chose Oregon over Michigan–think it was a good choice.

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