papier mache

My friend Craig posted a link to a high-speed video of the making of a papier mache dragon head. Watching it took me back, way back, to the summer of 1975, when our family lived in trailer while we were between homes. Paul was commuting from Tallahassee, FL, to Durham, NC, so I needed to find creative ways to fill our days and evenings. I’ll have to ask Ben and Quinn if they remember what precipitated such a crazy project, but we set out to create a papier mache alligator.

I remember our excitement at showing off our new pet to the returning “King of the House.”*

*I wrote on the back of the picture: July ’75; Paul is “King of the House”; Herman John BeeBee Carlson looks on.

As happens with papier mache alligators, ours eventually disappeared from the scene, and we’re left with one photograph to remind us of that time in our history.

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