the road home

You probably guessed we got home again. Here are a few pictures to go with my last post.

I didn’t know what lay ahead when I snapped this snowless pic of the Aspen Glen sign.

Before long, this was the general scene.

Anyone want to guess how thankful we were for the built-in DVD player in the Andersons’ car?

We stopped for lunch in Frisco, and literally hours later traffic was diverted at Silverthorne, a mere four miles farther.

The next morning at the condo we gratefully enjoyed, some blue sky appeared, and the drive down to Denver was delightfully uneventful. This might be standard fare for Coloradans, but for us sea-level livers, the road home offered true adventure.

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2 Responses to the road home

  1. Ridge says:

    Brings back memories of my ’73-’78 stint in Denver! This scene looks much like the one we got stuck in coming back from Yakima two years ago. It started snowing hard just past Mt. Vernon. Traffic on I-5 was completely stopped in the blizzard for 4 hours…fortunately we were next to the N. Lake Samish exit so we could get off and Wally did the most amazing job of snow driving w/o snow tires, chains or studs and got us safely home….my hero!

  2. LizW says:

    Welcome home! Glad you made it safely and have an excellent adventure to share with us 🙂

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