Here are some random pictures collecting on my computer’s desktop.

I’ve driven a 1994 Jeep Wrangler since 1995. Could be I need to plan a road trip.

Yesterday we enjoyed a conversation with John and Erin in their camper van in the south island of New Zealand. The rectangle in the lower left of our view of them is their view of us. Gotta love Skype!

Here’s a pic of the two from one of their Flickr albums, linked on their travel blog.

Heading for lunch on Linsey’s birthday. She and Pete work together at Prudential selling real estate, and yes, that’s facial hair on Pete.

At church retreat last weekend we were given the assignment to write “Love God; love others” in our own way “on our foreheads, on the doorposts of our homes….” Here’s how Josh and his son, Zachary, expressed it. I’m especially fond of Josh’s forehead because he quotes a line from one of Mauri’s best (in my humble opinion) songs.

Did I mention I like gold fish?

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