another church retreat

We’re back from the coast and getting ready to start a new week. We enjoyed beautiful weather, a perk given the time of year. I’m more of an observer than a participant, so retreats aren’t necessarily my favorite thing. That’s why it’s always better when I have a job to do. But I like people, really I do, and I enjoyed the impromptu conversations that happened when I wasn’t holed up in our cabin.

I’ve discovered I can survive social occasions by hiding behind my camera. 

I even like the sun spot in this shot.

Mauri and his coffee-roasting buddies shared their “hobby” at a “common ground” offering.

This is my boss, Elizabeth, with her older daughter.

This is my favorite shot. I enjoyed sitting around the fire with these and other friends, each doing his/her own thing. Can you see the subtle action in their hands, ever so slightly blurred in this available-light shot? Even the book on the unseen man on the right. I had Pride and Prejudice, but the conversation was too engaging to make much progress in it.

I didn’t say much to these folks, but that’s because I read their blog and already know what’s going on with them.

You can’t see the balloon Isaac was batting with his cousin Gabe. Isaac was one of the retreat’s highlights for me.

My buddy Janne and her grandson, Micah. 

And one more picture, this one to add to my series of Gabe at the air hockey table.

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2 Responses to another church retreat

  1. Ridge says:

    Is that a miniature golf course I see in one of those shots? Wally will be most jealous, all the good ones that used to be around here are gone!

  2. LizW says:

    It was really fun to have you join our little fireside “reading” group 🙂 How’s the P&P going? I’ve made some progress in my book … AFTER leaving the reading party! 🙂

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