electronic communication

I love e-mail. I know I’ve said this before, but I really really love e-mail. Not every day offers such handy examples, but today delivered several e-blessings. 

Quinn dropped me a quick note from her BlackBerry just before she and her family crossed the border from El Paso, TX, into Mexico in a full-sized bus filled with supplies and other people. The group was headed for Juarez to build three houses for three families. She passed me another note an hour later to let me know the crossing was uneventful, that the guards didn’t even board the bus for inspection. She knew I’d been praying….

Then I heard from Rachel in Philadelphia reporting on her visit to the birthing center. It feels so good to be thought about, even though great distances separate us.

Tonight Mauri and I sat across from each other in the same room.

I’ll bet you think I’m going say that we e-mailed each other. It’s true we do that regularly, but tonight is different. We Skype-chatted with John and Erin, who are down under, way down under in New Zealand. Their wireless connection wasn’t fast enough to support a video conversation but the three-way typed conversation capped off the example of a pretty wonderful electronic communication day.

I guess my electronic day isn’t over, even though it’s after 11. I still need to check my Facebook updates and then see if anyone’s posted anything new on their blogs.

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