My sister-in-law Margi and I met for conversation tonight, as we do every Tuesday while our husbands rehearse with NFC Brass. Her enthusiastic report of a weekend retreat she attended drew me in. The speakers’ topic, “The Chemistry of Life and the Image of God,” brought on lively discussion. As Margi capsulized the series, she referred to evolution and gave several theories offered. We could both agree that humans have out of necessity evolved through environmental changes since creation.

Fresh from that conversation I went about my blog reading for the evening. A friend had linked to a site that offered these images that illustrate some evolutionary changes we might experience in our foreseeable future:

Maybe there will be only one form of electronic headgear on the market. For people who want to be connected with music all day, the ear will adapt to its form.

Fashion is getting into our body. With these feet a woman can feel confident all day.

Smokers will get this hole in their mouth because it is their friend. Since it is a problem of society, smokers can recognize each other and feel kind of connected.

Much of technology is concentrated on the thumb, like text messaging, car keys, television, computer games. It is already said that in three generations the thumb will be bigger and stronger.

Some might think we’ll need to develop gills if the globe keeps warming. But we don’t need to go there.

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1 Response to evolution

  1. Ridge says:

    Shall we comment on what part of the anatomy will “expand” for those who must sit at a computer screen all day? 🙂

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