reading group

Mauri made some seafood chowder to add to what the others contributed to the meal for our monthly reading group meeting tonight. Rats! I forgot that we had agreed to wear hats, a concession to those who didn’t want to arrive in full Halloween costume. No worries, our hostess came through with enough hats for all of us. I just happened to have my camera, so before we ladled our chowder and chili, we all posed in our head garb.

After supper we gathered by the fire to discuss The Unexpected Mrs. Pollifax. It was a charming and intriguing book, and everyone agreed that men as well as women can enjoy this series by Dorothy Gilman. As we chatted, Mrs. Pollifax sauntered in and out of the room, plopping himself here and there to be stroked.

Now that I’m acquainted with the female Mrs. Pollifax, I feel more akin to the male Mrs. Pollifax.

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2 Responses to reading group

  1. Julene says:

    I’m trying to follow the tale of this Mr…Mrs. Pollafax’s tail through your story. Obviously a favorite tale or tail of someones in your party!! I will check it out! Tks!
    Ok…Blue is something else….we got a good dog!! He could have gone either way but he’s good!!! :))

  2. Sherry says:

    Yes, our hosts named their male cat Mrs. Pollifax after the character in the book series. You figured it out!

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