I’ve been hearing from various sources how cool Pandora is. I finally checked it out. So while I sit here listening to some new-to-me artists singing my kind of music for me from a different tab on my web browser, I thought I’d encourage you to try it out (if I’m not the last person to sign on). Just click here and open a free account.

Okay, while you’re there I’ll entertain you with a picture.

Cousins Hannah Macy Frankamp and John Kenneth Macy, just a few years ago…

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2 Responses to pandora

  1. Craig MacDonald says:

    Apparently you’re the penultimate person. (How often does one get a chance to use that word?!) I’m listening to Pandora now. Very good!

  2. Bren says:

    Heh, John still employs that look from time to time! 🙂

    Pandora is super cool. I use it on my iPhone while driving all the time–it’s like free satellite radio! You might also check out It’s not as stone simple as Pandora, but you can get a little sidebar display to put on your blog that shows what you’ve been listening too. And it integrates with iTunes and your iPod and will display songs that you’ve listened to there as well. I know, it’s geeky, but kinda cool.

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