a small world story

Had some more fun. Our friends’ daughter got married this afternoon at NFC.

The drive to the dinner reception, held at McMenamin’s Cornelius Pass Roadhouse, took about 45 minutes, all enjoyed with our friends Bob and Marcile in the backseat. The converted barn was perfectly charming and so well suited to the bride and groom, whose friends and family came from far and wide to attend. We chose a table already half taken with folks from “out of town.” Turns out “out of town” was my hometown: Wheaton, Illinois, which is also where Mauri and I went to high school together. Our new-found friends asked if we know anything about their church, Wheaton Bible Church, because they have just moved into a beautiful new facility.

I grew up a part of Wheaton Bible Church. Mauri and I were active in its youth group together. We sang duets there. One of its pastors was best man in my first wedding (meaning he was Paul’s dear friend), which took place at Wheaton Bible Church. So, yes, we know about their church.

(Gary and Barb, this pic is for you.)

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