some more links

This is not as easy as it looks. My friend Craig linked it on his blog.

My grandkids couldn’t get enough of this. Their family drives one too.

Josh sent this story.

My man’s the only one with his name. How many of you?

The financial crisis in simple terms. What do you think?

A couple of my best friends tend hives, so they might be interested in this. Whether or not the concern is valid, I think it’s a pretty cool site. You can even build a bee and e-mail it to your friends.

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2 Responses to some more links

  1. Ridge says:

    Ah ha, Craig’s color test is the same one I had to take when I applied for a job at Color Central in Witchita, KS. I got a near perfect score…which landed me the job! Whoo hoo.

  2. JeanineS says:

    I missed out on four of them, right next to each other… those are the ones I kept second guessing… grrrrr (can we say perfectionist?)

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