definite likeness

This is the day we’ve been waiting for—the day of Rachel’s scheduled ultrasound that would reveal the gender of our grandbaby along with its general well-being. Just before I left for work this morning my phone chimed. A picture and the message: It’s a baby! Of course I instantly saw the distinct Macy profile. No doubt you see it too.

We had to wait until Rachel called us back to learn that we’re expecting a grandson! And we learned that Baby Boy Williams appears healthy and hearty. We’re elated!

Addendum: This is a hoot. After I posted the above, I looked at John’s mom’s blog, and she had posted something quite identical but from a different perspective. You gotta see!

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1 Response to definite likeness

  1. Elizabeth says:

    How funny are we?!! And pretty darned excited. 😀

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