community garden

Mauri and I decided to pass up an opportunity to participate in a community garden this year, even though many of our friends were joining up. Not that we have anything against the idea but mostly because we would be gone a good part of the growing season. My other not-so-secret reason is that I’m a simple girl who knows what to do with an ear of corn and a handful of green beans, but the veggies delivered in the weekly basket are predominantly unidentifiable (by me). I could see us tossing more than we ate if I had anything to do with the preparation.

Enter exceptional alternative!

Arnie (and Barb) till the soil, plant the seeds, tend and water the seedlings, weed the beds, and pray for sunshine. All that loving attention and God’s blessing result in this:

…carefully chosen, attractively displayed, and personally delivered to the church office for us to take home and enjoy. That’s my kind of community garden. I know what to do with a potato! I know what to do with a tomato! I know what to do with a summer squash! Eat ’em!

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2 Responses to community garden

  1. Ridge says:

    OK, I’m green,or yellow, or red with envy! You are one very blessed lady!

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