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definite likeness

This is the day we’ve been waiting for—the day of Rachel’s scheduled ultrasound that would reveal the gender of our grandbaby along with its general well-being. Just before I left for work this morning my phone chimed. A picture and … Continue reading

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I follow a blog that features different artists and their work. Sometimes I dig it, and sometimes I don’t get it at all. With copyright laws and all, I’m never sure if it’s okay to print something I find there, … Continue reading

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traveling mercies, loved ones

Last night a small group of family and friends gathered to bless John and Erin as they embark on their vagabond adventure around the world. Collective love filled the room as we heard their travel plans and then shared individual … Continue reading

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excitement at the office

When I go home at the end of the day Mauri often asks me if anything exciting happened at the office. Today my answer was yes! Since three-year-old Livie (Olivia) comes to the office often to visit her nana, that … Continue reading

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Beginning on July 8 every year I wait for September 25 to arrive. For some reason I don’t mind being a year older than Mauri, since back in our youth I was used to being a year ahead of him … Continue reading

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On our final morning together Cass and I paged through her craft book looking for something we could create with the supplies we had in the house. “If only we had some beads, we could make a mecklace.” (Yes, mecklace. … Continue reading

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galatians 5:22-23

My friend Lisa and I just started a Beth Moore Bible study on the fruit of the Spirit. In the introductory DVD we were shown how to sign Galatians 5:22-23. We were also encouraged to learn it. So I brought … Continue reading

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