i love pictures!

My own family photo albums go back 40 years! They are better than journals for helping me remember what I did when. I’m no different from all those other people who claim they would first rescue the people from a house fire but very next they would go back in for their photo albums. I like to think I’m preserving more than just my own memories and hope that eventually one or all of my kids will be glad for my “efforts.” I have to put that word in quotes because sorting through pictures is one of my favorite things to do.

We store our pictures in digital files now, so I have to be more intentional in keeping my print albums current. Now that I’ve discovered (via “Real Simple”) a very reasonably priced online photo printer (only 9¢ each and they offer matte finish), new energy for the project surfaced. Add to that my extended membership with Flickr (no limit…) and I’m in upload heaven! So far I’ve uploaded between 150 and 175 pictures for 2004 and the same for 2005. Narrowing my choices to so few was no small accomplishment. In those two years alone we had two weddings, a family reunion, visits to and from grandkids and their parents, two graduations and moves, a 60th birthday celebration, a road trip, two Christmases, and all the life in between. I think I did remarkably well keeping the number so low, don’t you?

You know what’s coming. I’m going to be forced to post some of my favorites here. What can I say? I love pictures!

Getting a sneak peek at her wedding dress.

Notice the reflection.

Watching the recording of her dedication service.

From way up in the bleachers.

My daughter is very organized.

Sampling cookies for Santa.

Home from boot camp for Christmas. First stop: Taco Time!

Now I ask you…

Have you noticed I like pictures of people?

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