did i mention?

Neither Mauri nor I are very good self-promoters. A number of years ago we invested many, many hours, a good-sized chunk of change, and a heap of energy producing two recordings of music. That was the easy part. The boxes of “product” arrived, and the hard part began. Even though people had encouraged us to “make a tape,” we could barely bring ourselves to utter the old joke of a line: “You don’t want to buy our CD, do you?” We just aren’t cut out for marketing, and we have these in our garage to prove it.

I should start a new blog category titled “shameless,” because I appear to be unabashed in my willingness to promote our kids. (They can always ask me to cut it out.) Today’s feature is Linsey’s website. She sells real estate, and she and Pete have a related business together. Pete is not licensed to sell, so he focuses on the behind-the-scenes work. They plan and then work their plan. It’s a sight to behold!

Since I’m not trying to sell you anything, I have no trouble encouraging you to spread the word!

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