inquiring minds

Well, you got the “who” right. It’s Dave Maurer. Where? An old brick restaurant ironically named “The Log Cabin” in Carlton. Sadly, it burned to the ground shortly after I moved here. Here’s a picture of Ben (circa 1994) that illustrates why we miss that place.

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3 Responses to inquiring minds

  1. janell woods says:

    hey…i’ve been there. the last time i went my aunt shawna got her hair caught on fire (trying to blow out her birthday candles) and i had a blt and got REALLY sick.

    note: it wasn’t shawna’s candles that burned it down

  2. Ridge says:

    Whoa, is that the “papa” burger or the “baby” burger! I’m really sad we missed this! 🙂

  3. Dave says:

    OK… I’ve wanted to chime in on this since Sunday. Now that the cat is out of the bag, you need to hear the rest of the story!

    Mauri and I used to ride bikes every morning. This particular day, we rode to The Log Cabin in Carlton and had lunch. Then… we attempted to ride back to Newberg on very full stomachs.

    Anyone who has ridden the back roads between Newberg and Carlton know that the roads are not very wide. Apparently the food in my stomach had me riding head down, not really focusing on anything other than pedaling. There was an approaching car coming very quickly toward me and very close to the center line. Mauri recalls that I didn’t even look up or flinch as the driver zoomed by me, narrowly avoiding a head-on bike vs. car collision. I think they call that head’s down attitude a “food coma.”

    Fortunately nothing happened. But it is a great story that Mauri and I have laughed about on numerous occasions. And boy, I do miss the burgers at The Log Cabin. That was some good grub!
    This is reposted at Sherry’s request from the original photo post.

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