no ordinary day

Look who showed up at the office today! Okay, so it wasn’t a surprise, since we had already driven to the airport to pick up these dear Andersons (notice the dad is missing, back in Denver working).

One by one these “stokers” did drive-bys on their way out to see the town.

First Bailey…

…then Cassidy…

…and finally Marissa.

Later the local Macys came over for dinner and some celebrating. Everyone came prepared to participate in a travelogue, since we all had summer adventures to tell about.

John and Erin told about their around-the-world adventure, which is about to begin.

We all got to work on making the ice cream to go with the birthday pie.

This might be way more fun than anybody oughta have.

The focus of our celebration: Erin turned 30! (Now all ten of our children are in their ’30s. That’ll last until Ben’s birthday next March.) She’s worth a celebration on her own, but since Cassidy is with us close to her birthday, we celebrated her too.

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One Response to no ordinary day

  1. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful day!! I have to admit when I see that nice big family all together it makes me a bit jealous-as I recently commented Alice Mauer’s Facebook…I come from such a small family with only 2 first cousins, my kids are the only grandkids on both sides, and no siblings-I have always longed for what you share so often on this blog. However, I am blessed to have good friends and my church family and I am very grateful for the loving, but very small, family God has given me.

    That youtube video was wonderful! Is it possible that Mauri could find occasion to lead us in “Day O” at church sometime 🙂

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