OFF (old fashioned festival)

Last weekend all of Newberg converged on our neighborhood for the annual Old Fashioned Festival. Every year we have a choice to make. We can dread it because our street is blocked off and cars line both sides and people walk through our yard and drop their trash in it and loud music fills the air all day and late into the evening. OR we can look forward to it because of all the excellent people watching and the availability of heart-attack-inducing curly fries/elephant ears/etc and the free concerts and the interesting booths and the sounds of squealing children on death-defying rides and the fresh-squeezed lemonade and the fact that we don’t even need to leave the comfort of our mosquito-free cookin’ room to see the grand fireworks display.

These minor inconveniences are a small price to pay for all of this fun:

I’d like to think that smile is for the photographer (me) but I suspect it’s more about the aroma drifting off this maple elephant ear.

Maybe, just maybe, function should win out over form for some occasions.

And then there was the parade! Those are our kids, Pete and Linsey, on the Prudential float. For as many as were in the parade I was surprised there were enough people left to watch the parade. But this is what it looked like on both sides of the street on the entire parade route. Surely it’s the whole town!

What’s a parade without one of these…

…followed by one of these?

I was experimenting with a new-to-me camera and found photographic interest in these rows:

What could be lovelier than starting the day with breakfast at the park?

What could be lovelier than ending the day with fireworks in your backyard?

So yes, we choose enjoyment over grumbling…and try to make that a standard life principle. Why not?

~ ~ ~

This morning in the park I heard only the sounds of clanking folding chairs as they were stacked and put on a truck. The weekend still lurks in the refuse on the street and in the grass. But for all practical purposes, the Old Fashioned Festival is but a memory that we’ll hold for the next 362 days. No doubt, when our grands (oh, and their parents) come next week, we’ll be enjoying the park in a completely different light.

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3 Responses to OFF (old fashioned festival)

  1. LizW says:

    Yay! What a fun festival! Small-town living certainly has its benefits.

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