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14 years

Yesterday I posted our “Just Mauried” getaway car. Today on the streets of Portland we saw a van with the words “Finally Divorced” painted on the back window. Funny and sad, both. This is my view of my dear man … Continue reading

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Fourteen years ago Mauri and I came out of our wedding reception to find this: Ben’s friends found these appropriate words for our sendoff and gave us a good laugh.

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Just for fun… …drawn by a coworker of Pete back in his Coffee Cottage barista days.

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OFF (old fashioned festival)

Last weekend all of Newberg converged on our neighborhood for the annual Old Fashioned Festival. Every year we have a choice to make. We can dread it because our street is blocked off and cars line both sides and people … Continue reading

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I remember memorizing the Preamble to the Constitution in elementary school, and it, like some of the Scripture I learned as a child, has stayed with me. I just came across this, and I just had to share it. I … Continue reading

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some more links

1—On Monday John and Erin climbed Mount St. Helens. Since most of us never get to do that we can enjoy it vicariously by looking at these 15 pictures. 2—This is really cool: “14 months in the making, 42 countries, … Continue reading

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On or near every Mothers Day, Quinn and I exchange Mothers Day stockings. We started this tradition when it became apparent the two of us had no boundaries regarding our Christmas stocking shopping for each other. This excessive behavior holds … Continue reading

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Here’s a short series of our John. Something’s missing.

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indulging in nostalgia

Every once in a while, but not often enough, my photo collections inexplicably appear in my hands, inspiring projects that involve sorting or scanning or filing or printing or uploading—but always sharing! Lately I’ve found delight in digitizing my photos … Continue reading

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it’s back—finally!

July 14—the date we’ve been anticipating for nine months. A new season of “The Closer” has begun and I’m a happy camper. If all the other TV series were canceled, even Monk, I’d be okay with that (maybe even happy … Continue reading

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