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day six – final day at iona

Not much time for stories today. The pictures will have to talk for me. A ground-level view of the cloister. Our second-floor room looks down on the center. Not everyone was totally engaged in the topic…but for the most part … Continue reading

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day six – our purpose for coming to iona

People! We set aside our introverted tendencies to take opportunity for chats with people such as Sister Ann, who has come to Iona every summer since 1973. Back then the ferry was a little boat, and there were no cars … Continue reading

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iona isle and abbey

We’ve settled in now and are meeting interesting people from all over, but mostly Britain. Twelve people from Traverse City, Michigan, make up the biggest group. The rest of us came in ones and twos. There’s a mother/son here from … Continue reading

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day four – oban, scotland

Coming to you from a coffee shop in Oban, Scotland! We’re waiting for our ferry to the isle of Mull. After that we’ll take a bus across the island and then another ferry to Iona. Here are a couple of … Continue reading

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Rubes! The moment we stepped out into the New York City air we were spotted for…rubes! (Maybe it was my burnt orange luggage.) A well-dressed man with some kind of accent approached us…as though he was a taxi driver. The … Continue reading

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day one – nyc

In some regards our first day was uneventful. We don’t fly to New York City via Los Angeles every day, but then it’s not a very notable adventure either. But then this happened! And then this happened! As we walked … Continue reading

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pounds, the good kind

A friend, the one who has encouraged us for somewhere between several and many years to travel to Iona, just stopped by to say bon voyage, give me a farewell hug, and hand me an envelope with a joyful note … Continue reading

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