day fifteen – 390, 15, RV1, 15, 11, 73, 390, 390 (london)

Every trip needs some drama and we had ours this morning. We had a hint last night when we bought the petrol and our credit card was rejected. Rejected! Thankfully we had enough currency to pay for it. We decided to think optimistic thoughts until we needed to buy train tickets to London. Here’s the scene.

Sherry, the blond under the green arrow, looked at our card, puzzled, as it was rejected. She was so nice to try to help us figure out what to do, even letting us use her cell phone for assistance. That only led to an automated message. Keeping our cool, we tried to think about what to do. The BlackBerry turned out to be our hero. And my dear man’s thumbs that got us to the Chase Bank website, where he found the international number, which dialed automatically with another click. Disaster averted (again) and we caught the next train out of Northampton. Whew.

Getting to our hotel was no small feat. The London tube system offers newbies like us considerable challenges, but we found that people are more than ready to help us figure things out. One businessman went way out of his way to help us find the right connector. A woman offered to help me carry my luggage up a flight of stairs. (I declined, with cheers.) Here we are in the tube.


We could hardly believe we ended up with another third-floor hotel room (and of course these places have no elevators).

Here’s the view from our window, which we think is very cool.

We settled in, cleaned up a bit, then headed toward the bus line to see what we could see. Our day in Edinburgh taught us a lot about getting around a big city, so we quickly had our route strategized, beginning with bus 390. Here’s a little travelogue of our day.

The London Eye, snapped through a bus window.

London Tower Bridge, next to the London tower (of all things).

You’ve seen one monstrous abbey, you’ve seen ’em all? This one’s Westminster. We missed attending an evensong by 40 minutes.

We’ve found some pretty good food on this trip. Oops, it looks like I haven’t climbed back on the wagon yet.

I waited until the plane had passed the tower to snap this picture. Some images never fade from our memories.

You might think this is all I do. You might be right.

This one photo represents the many auto pics my dear man took. He’s a guy, what more do I need to say? He was quite impressed when he saw two Bentleys in the span of one minute while we waited for a bus.

I’m sure you’ll want to see that we did ride on one of London’s icons—this double-decker relic.

Once again a video I wanted to post didn’t upload in time. You might have to imagine instead the sound of Big Ben striking six. It was really cool.

We both love the movie “Notting Hill,” so we couldn’t pass this opportunity to get a look at it. From the bus window I snapped this pic, even though the book store in the movie is a travel book shop. Close enough!

And after another delicious meal, we stopped to buy, no, not alcohol, even though this picture looks like that was our purchase. The reason I include this wonderful shot is because that other customer was helping Mauri figure out what coins he needed to pay for it. People are so good!

And now it’s time to repack our steadily expanding luggage to get ready to fly back to our own beloved USA.

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3 Responses to day fifteen – 390, 15, RV1, 15, 11, 73, 390, 390 (london)

  1. Amy P says:

    You know, I think I heard that drinking Coke doesn’t count in other countries. So you may not have even fallen off the wagon in the first place…

    I bet you guys are going to have a fun show and tell Sunday when you get home!

  2. Mike says:

    Wow – can it have been 15 days already??

    I’ve really enjoyed your posts. So many fascinating pictures!! Thanks!

  3. Cherice says:

    i’m just kind of regrouping after my own excursion across the globe and see i have reading to catch up on! looks like a fun trip. see you soon around the ‘berg, I’m sure.

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