day fourteen – on the road again

We altered our plan a bit and took a scenic drive through the Peak District. The guidebook I’ve been hauling around finally became useful by providing the route that led to roads like this.

And towns like this.

Note the satellite dishes!

Along the way we gazed upward to watch a flock of hang gliders overhead.

The goal for the day was to land in Northampton, where we will return the rental car tomorrow morning. Tonight we filled the tank. Ouch!

This topped off what was already nearly half a tank of diesel fuel. (The easiest way to figure pounds to dollars is to double the pounds. So you’re looking at a $100 half talk of petrol.)

We’ve been wonderfully blessed so far with very nice accommodations, all booked online. The Langham Hotel broke our lucky streak. I don’t think we’ll take home any strange diseases from the environment, but I must admit I’ll be glad when tomorrow comes.

A No Vacancies sign was on the door when we arrived, so I guess we will be grateful for a place to rest our weary bones for the night. There’s a plus side—they gave us a plug-in router, which allows me to check our bank balance, post!, and play a 106-point word on a game of Facebook Scrabulous. Life is good.

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1 Response to day fourteen – on the road again

  1. Steve Watson says:

    Wow that was some trip. Thanks for taking us along.

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