day thirteen – my turn

I’m happy to report I didn’t kill us on the road today as I drove us from Windermere to York via the Yorkshire Dales. We hoped to make good enough time that we could settle in our hotel room and catch a bus to town. So we didn’t dawdle, while still enjoying scenery like this along the way.

Here’s our hotel and the car we’re driving. The goal is to return it to Avis with no scrapes on this side (we drive within inches of the rock walls and hedges).

Before heading toward the bus stop, we found this nice park bench to let the folks back home at NFC see that we are remembering the fast.

I’ve probably already admitted that we are not slick travelers. But we finally got on a bus headed in the right direction. The driver “warned” us we’d be taking the scenic route and he was right! Once we arrived, we wanted to make sure we knew where to catch the right bus back to the hotel, which was out of town to the east. Not only did our driver get out and leave his bus to look at the schedules (we were the only passengers), he ended up driving us through the city centre to our exact place for pickup. Talk about service! And on the way, he acted as our tour guide, giving us historic information on the sights along the way.

York is a walled city and parts of the wall are walkable.

We were headed toward York Minster, northern Europe’s largest Gothic cathedral. Its foundations were laid by the Normans in the 12th century. That was even before I was born!

More than one person recommended Betty’s Tea Room, and now, after having eaten there, we recommend it to you!

We enjoyed walking around the town…

…but decided enough was enough and headed back toward our bus stop. Lo and behold, the bus was already there (a half hour early)! So we boarded and enjoyed the comforts of a place to put up our feet.

And now it’s time to get rested up for tomorrow’s adventures.

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2 Responses to day thirteen – my turn

  1. JeanineS says:

    I am really enjoying hearing about your adventures, and seeing all the great pics! It is a good break from packing I must finish it all tomorrow before we fly out… it seems we will beat you back to PDX. Happy vacationing, keep up the blogging!

  2. Kay says:

    It is SO..MUCH..FUN going vicariously with you on your trip, and I’m so thankful all your good planning is paying off. All that blue sky in York was God’s added touch and the photo of our beloved dales made my heart skip a beat (I think). Thank you so much for the time you give to take us with you.

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