day twelve – driving on the left

We are SO NOT slick travelers. We manage to get by, but we just feel our way along. This morning we bought day bus passes again rather than try to figure out transfers that require exact change—on a Sunday morning. While dragging our luggage down Princes Street toward the bus stop, I snapped this final view of Edinburgh Castle.

Here’s where we were headed.

Mauri did great as driver. I wish I had done as well as navigator. Yikes! The streets go every which way and then there are those roundabouts and who knew we were going east when I was so sure we were going west. We had to backtrack and that’s no small matter when gas prices are over-the-top ridiculous. Stormy mildly describes the weather today—not the best day to be driving anywhere, but Mauri got us to Windermere, our destination for the night.

Here’s a sampler of that journey. Take a deep breath…

Tomorrow I’ll give it a go. Pray!

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2 Responses to day twelve – driving on the left

  1. Walt says:

    Wow! Well done.

  2. Deborah Johansen says:

    I have just spent a good 45 minutes reading your blogs that go WAY back! You are an amazing woman, Sherry. Your pictures and comments are so wonderful….the Iona experience is fascinating. Now I am going to the Iona website!

    Can’t wait to see you when you get back! Much love to you and Mauri.

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