day eleven – edinburgh again

We’d planned all along to attend the Royal Highland Show (similar to the state fair) today but at the last minute decided to just see what we could see of the city. We concur that was the right choice (but, then, whoever knows what kind of adventures we miss with our choices). We bought day-long bus passes and caught the first one right in front of our guest house that took us downtown. We walked the streets near the castle and saw lots of dirt and ancient buildings and people, the latter being the most interesting (speaking for myself here).

Pretty quick we happened upon the Saturday market, which seemed a little bit like Costco, with all the sampling opportunities.

Yes, that’s Edinburgh Castle, built on top of a big slab of volcanic rock, where Bronze Age people first settled around 850BC. By the Middle Ages it was a fortified site and royal residence. Can you see Mauri in the crowd?

This might be my favorite picture of the day.

This is as close as we got to paying the $40 to go inside the castle. We’re not the best tourists, I’m afraid.

Why pay money when some of the best sights are free?

After some serious walking, we were ready for a cup of something comforting.

Nothing like the comforts of home!

For our afternoon adventure we used our day bus passes and enjoyed the front-row, top-level view of the entire #27 busline, which took us all the way south and then all the way north before dropping us at our hotel. What a great (and cheap and stress-free) way to see the city!

We snapped pictures along the way, of course, but I had to post this one because of the theater’s name (Newberg has a funky little theater named The Cameo).

We hope our view of the road on this sightseeing trip also helped prepare us to sit behind the wheel when we pick up our rental car tomorrow. At least we won’t be driving one of these!

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3 Responses to day eleven – edinburgh again

  1. Marcile says:

    I’m wondering if Mauri will come sporting Kilts?!!!
    I am loving your traveloge. Thanks.

  2. Cherice says:

    hey, did you know that in the top picture you took a picture of the quaker meetinghouse (i’m pretty sure)? we have the exact same picture. the meetinghouse is the one that sticks out a little bit on the top level. we went there in august during the fringe festival when they had a restaurant and a theater going in the meetinghouse all month. did you visit it?

  3. Cherie Renae says:

    I loved reliving Edinburgh through your photos! I have a couple that are identical (great minds think alike), and it was fun to look at the Starbucks photograph and know EXACTLY where you were standing, and what it looks like up and down the street. Funny what we remember…

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