day ten – edinburgh, scotland

This morning we bid farewell to the Iona Community. But not before Mauri had one more early-morning crack at spotting a corncrake. He was the talk of the community after he not only saw but photographed one in the field by the Abbey. Just in case he doesn’t post his picture, I will.

Can you see it? Here’s a hint. It looks like this:

You might have guessed, corncrakes are very shy.

For a while I held up this wind-protected wall to lend my support to the venture, but it didn’t help him spot another.

This is how the entire staff lined up at the jetty to cheer us on our way. Pretty cool.

We traveled ferry/coach/ferry/train/train to Edinburgh today. Along the way we saw scenery that looked about like this:

You’ll notice the trees that grow along the train rails drastically inhibit the passengers’ view. Which also means decent pictures are nearly impossible to get. In one tree gap Mauri caught a glimpse of a deserted castle. Curious, he pulled out his Blackberry and googled “loch awe castle” and up popped all this information about Kilchurn Castle. So even though we got only a glimpse of the castle, I can share its image with you, compliments of Google.

Further down the track, I spotted an unusual bird and tapped Mauri’s shoulder just in time for him to catch a glimpse. What was that? Blackberry/Google to the rescue again! It was a red-billed chough. Well, of course!

We love our gadgets!

On our long walk, hauling our luggage through downtown Edinburgh toward our resting place, we stopped to listen to some Scottish “musicians.” I’m doing one of my panorama videos.

We’re in a guest house that’s really quite nice (and should be, given its tariff), and the bathroom features “that extra fixture” we’re not quite sure what to do with. And a towel warmer. But here’s what we see from the window.

Doesn’t quite measure up to the other window views I’ve posted.

A walk in the neighborhood makes me wonder about the security around here.

Not to worry, we’re down the street enjoying some pasta with bacon and cream.

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1 Response to day ten – edinburgh, scotland

  1. Dale says:

    Delightful, well done, a real service to the rest of us. I was engrosed. We are friends of H. K. Zolg. Eleanor was a classmate of H. K. and of English-Irish decent. I, Dale, husband of Eleanor for 50 years, of Scotch-Irish-Pensylvania Dutch decent, with two kings as ggg-grandfathers. Now I feel I have visited my past. Many thanks.

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