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time saver

If you’re a veteran blog reader, you probably already have your favorite sites in a “feed reader.” I’ve been reading blogs a long time, but I’ve been slow in subscribing to the reader Mauri’s been using for a while now. … Continue reading

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My friend Ridgely turned 60 yesterday. We had sent her a little something to commemorate her life to this point, and it turns out she sent me something too, though my birthday is months away. Our packages criss-crossed in the … Continue reading

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Mauri and I had a rare outing yesterday. We drove into Portland and up to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Here’s the view from up there: We went to see our young friend Zachary, who’s been there more than three weeks. That’s … Continue reading

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the boys

You can almost see their halos. From the stories I’ve heard, these two “angels” gave their parents a run for their money. And they grew into such fine young men, halos hidden under those stylish hats.

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m.e.m.e – it’s all about me

Beloved daughter #1 (of 2) Abbie of beloved coworker #1 (of 1), Denise, tagged me with this meme. I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive you faithful blog readers of the following information about me, so here goes! 5 things in … Continue reading

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a day in the life

Yesterday we gathered once again for the season finale of our monthly family dinners. Pete and Linsey showed up a little early to throw together their salad and to see themselves on Monday’s Today Show, which we had recorded for … Continue reading

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the sound of silence

This morning, a Sunday!, I was dressed and ready for the day at 7:30. With the family dinner setup already accomplished, I had one of my rare opportunities to sit out on the back deck in the cool of a … Continue reading

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