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time saver

If you’re a veteran blog reader, you probably already have your favorite sites in a “feed reader.” I’ve been reading blogs a long time, but I’ve been slow in subscribing to the reader Mauri’s been using for a while now. … Continue reading

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My friend Ridgely turned 60 yesterday. We had sent her a little something to commemorate her life to this point, and it turns out she sent me something too, though my birthday is months away. Our packages criss-crossed in the … Continue reading

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Mauri and I had a rare outing yesterday. We drove into Portland and up to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital. Here’s the view from up there: We went to see our young friend Zachary, who’s been there more than three weeks. That’s … Continue reading

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the boys

You can almost see their halos. From the stories I’ve heard, these two “angels” gave their parents a run for their money. And they grew into such fine young men, halos hidden under those stylish hats.

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m.e.m.e – it’s all about me

Beloved daughter #1 (of 2) Abbie of beloved coworker #1 (of 1), Denise, tagged me with this meme. I certainly wouldn’t want to deprive you faithful blog readers of the following information about me, so here goes! 5 things in … Continue reading

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a day in the life

Yesterday we gathered once again for the season finale of our monthly family dinners. Pete and Linsey showed up a little early to throw together their salad and to see themselves on Monday’s Today Show, which we had recorded for … Continue reading

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the sound of silence

This morning, a Sunday!, I was dressed and ready for the day at 7:30. With the family dinner setup already accomplished, I had one of my rare opportunities to sit out on the back deck in the cool of a … Continue reading

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Last night was the final session of a six-week “Spring Planting” series offered at NFC, led by Mauri. Twenty-five or so singers showed up for the first session and I’ve gotta say we had more fun than a group of … Continue reading

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we all have at least one

God was very generous to me when he handed out mothers. He gave me four plus a number of “moms” of my friends through the years. My original mom gave me life and endured my childhood and adolescence, but her … Continue reading

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the last on last weekend

Here are some miscellaneous pictures from my weekend in Denver. You know how hard it is for me to resist. Wii Bowling with Bailey. Cassidy took the picture. Bailey got bonked in the forehead with a bouncing fielder but missed … Continue reading

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