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While cousin Helen Katherine is between dogs, she’s flying here and there from her home in Columbis, Ohio, to visit family. This weekend was our turn to show her our exciting life in Oregon. Someone must have been praying for … Continue reading

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Just so we’re all together here, MomEdna is Mauri’s first wife’s mom. She and I have talked often about life’s system of give and take. What was taken from her—her only daughter at age 42—and what was taken from me—my … Continue reading

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curls and girls

There was a little girl Who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead And when she was good She was very, very good And when she was bad She was horrid. My mother used to recite … Continue reading

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i almost had to wait

Quinn and I share a love for the movie “Overboard.” It’s one of those movies we’ve watched so many times that we quote from it in our everyday conversation. This morning, while I was out doing errands, I enjoyed the … Continue reading

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nine months later…

I’m delighted to report I have some new Facebook friends! You’re so good to me. I promise not to beg again until I reach 999. Maybe you will indulge me again. This time with one of those stories that show … Continue reading

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i need more friends

Scott Nilson just invited me to be his Facebook friend. I knew I was getting close to 100 friends, so after I accepted his kind offer I checked my Facebook friend count. I now have 99 friends! I’m having a … Continue reading

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