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true love

To express his love for me back in the days leading up to our marriage, Mauri listed a couple of things he loved me more than. His dog, Champagne, was one, and another was his guitar. That was a love … Continue reading

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happy heritage

Back in my early Macy years, when I worked freelance only, I had the time it took to organize all the boxes of family history that over time landed in my possession. I covered every flat surface in every upstairs … Continue reading

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Anticipated appreciation isn’t nearly as sweet as surprise appreciation. On Tuesday, Denise’s and my boss, Elizabeth, surprised us with lily plants, scones, and coffee drinks to demonstrate her appreciation for our work as “administrative professionals.” Today Josh, our youth pastor—who … Continue reading

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group date

Bethany asked her husband, Bryan: “What do I wear on a date with three married men?” Her dates—Mauri, Howard, and Nate—concurred she chose well. Here they are on their way to Portland to hear jazz icon Dave Brubeck. Dave is … Continue reading

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Combining the contents of three computers into one gave me the perfect excuse to sort my digital pictures—files and files and files and files of them, and many of them duplicates. I have an eye (and love) for a good … Continue reading

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Tomorrow we’ll celebrate the two-year anniversary of our bike “mishap.” Our little crash pales in comparison to the catastrophes other people suffer, and that’s the very reason we celebrate. Yes, it was traumatic; yes, we both continue to have “issues” … Continue reading

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Mauri took this picture yesterday in our backyard. Yes, the sky really was that blue, if only for a moment. I can taste the applesauce already.

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While cousin Helen Katherine is between dogs, she’s flying here and there from her home in Columbis, Ohio, to visit family. This weekend was our turn to show her our exciting life in Oregon. Someone must have been praying for … Continue reading

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Just so we’re all together here, MomEdna is Mauri’s first wife’s mom. She and I have talked often about life’s system of give and take. What was taken from her—her only daughter at age 42—and what was taken from me—my … Continue reading

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curls and girls

There was a little girl Who had a little curl Right in the middle of her forehead And when she was good She was very, very good And when she was bad She was horrid. My mother used to recite … Continue reading

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