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I just snapped this picture of my dear man getting ready to grill some meat for supper. Notice how the bright sun overexposed his face? Notice how squinty-eyed he is? Could you guess that just five minutes—FIVE minutes—before I took … Continue reading

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four gens

Tonight we had another family get together. My face hurts from all the laughter. You get Pete and John started, and that’s what we do. I’d try to tell you what was so funny but I could never pull it … Continue reading

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When I get to heaven, I think God will let me plan an Easter service. Actually, I think heaven will be one continual Easter service. This morning we were invited to illustrate expressions of joy similar to what those who … Continue reading

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39 years

Today I celebrate 39 years of motherhood. It might sound sappy, but for the years preceding Ben’s birth I professed only one goal: to be a mom. As a child I pored through the Sears catalog, studying the baby pages … Continue reading

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This photo, discovered on friend Craig’s blog, captured my interest. I can’t stop looking at it. So here’s my plan: post it on this blog so I can look at it any time I want for as long as I … Continue reading

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to err is human

I love being human and I prove my humanity every day of my life. Today I became acutely aware once again that I am indeed human. I have spent the entire week printing, collating, punching, and binding the 2008 church … Continue reading

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We’ve reserved our week at The Iona Community, we’ve purchased our plane tickets, our passports are in our hot little hands, and now it’s time for the nitty gritty planning. When we mentioned to our friends David and Carol Sherwood … Continue reading

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