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“My mom says you can fix anything.” Cassidy gets right to the point on the topic of her worn and torn nite-nites. This is no small matter. Today my friend Mike submitted an assigned essay for our church newsletter on … Continue reading

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just wondering

When you attend church with a big crowd and sit near the front, it takes a long time to file out at the end of the service. I probably should have been pondering what the preaching pastor at Cherry Hills … Continue reading

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guess where I am

The parents of my grandkids sent me another plane ticket so here I am! Even though I come fairly often, I’m still treated like an honored guest when I arrive. Taylor came over right after work to eat some pizza … Continue reading

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In my recent reorganize mode I came across a Glamour Shot taken back in 1994. Of course it took some professional wizardry to pose this, and the newly healed tattoo on my ring finger explains the daring extravagance and the … Continue reading

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nothin’ worth talking about

I don’t spend much time thinking or talking about the weather. I figure it’s gonna be what it’s gonna be, so if it’s cold I put on a coat and if it’s warm I don’t and if it’s raining I … Continue reading

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Michael Chapman tagged me. So here goes. 6 Non-Important things/habits/quirks about myself: One—I’m really good at getting rid of stuff, but I can’t bring myself to part with boxes and other storage containers. I never know when I might need … Continue reading

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