guess where I am

The parents of my grandkids sent me another plane ticket so here I am! Even though I come fairly often, I’m still treated like an honored guest when I arrive. Taylor came over right after work to eat some pizza and hang out with his beloved family. I asked him to pose this picture with me because I wanted to show you what he ended up giving me in my Christmas “stocking.” Remember, he gave each of us a $5 Colorado lottery ticket, which for me turned into $50. I found this like-new Anne Klein soft leather jacket at Goodwill for $49.

While her siblings were in school, Cassidy and I worked together on decorating her Valentine box to take to preschool tomorrow. She’ll be with her mama in Guatemala on Valentines Day so that’s why we’re a week early. This is one of those traditions that goes all the way back to my grade school years. I don’t think mine ever had balloons on the lid.

We got in the carpool line early because 11-year-old Bailey is the manager of Valor High School’s basketball team, and they had two games tonight. Now, I don’t mean to brag or anything (do you believe that?), but the head coach said Bailey is the best manager he’s ever had. At the first game tonight, Bailey kept score, but he usually videos the game so the team can learn from it in their practices.

Then there’s Marissa. She got an A+ on her science test today. She’s a smart one, that girl! She was recently given the “Lion’s Pride” award. (Only five were given to third graders!) It’s for those who earn a 96% and higher cumulative average for the first two quarters. I’m glad she doesn’t have to depend on me for help with her homework.

Okay, I’m finished bragging (for now). Since they read this blog, I want them to know how crazy proud I am of them, and not just because they excel in what they do. They’re good-hearted people and so very easy to love.

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