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We might be going somewhere! Posing passports for an Internet posting reminded me a little of what a girl does with her hands and arms when she’s caught with a little more skin showing than she intended. You’ll let me … Continue reading

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A while ago I posted Quinn’s flyer that described her diapers and formula project for the babies of Juarez. She is continually humbled and encouraged by the enthusiastic involvement of many who have joined the effort. When I was in … Continue reading

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links – part six

We’re overdue for some links. I hope you like this set: • Compared to my coworker Denise, I’m Hard-hearted Hannah. Yet listening to this, I felt a lump forming in my throat. Maybe there’s hope for me? Nah… • I … Continue reading

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Mike and Janelle tagged me with a meme! The rules: Pick up the nearest book of 123 pages or more. No cheating! Find page 123 Find the first 5 sentences Post the next 3 sentences Tag 5 people This might … Continue reading

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I just came home from worship (first of three morning services). I usually sit down in the front because Mauri can join me there after he’s finished with his part of the service. This morning I chose the less-populated balcony, … Continue reading

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my turn

Four and a half years ago, when I interviewed for my job at NFC, I bragged to my soon-to-be boss that I never get sick. And—accident recovery aside—I haven’t missed a day of work for sickness…until last Wednesday. I’ve enjoyed … Continue reading

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love story

Our long-time friend Norma Collins asked me to write Mauri’s and my love story for the February issue of a Youth for Christ newsletter. Here it is: Love stories are like snowflakes—plentiful yet unique. Mauri and I enjoy telling our … Continue reading

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“My mom says you can fix anything.” Cassidy gets right to the point on the topic of her worn and torn nite-nites. This is no small matter. Today my friend Mike submitted an assigned essay for our church newsletter on … Continue reading

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just wondering

When you attend church with a big crowd and sit near the front, it takes a long time to file out at the end of the service. I probably should have been pondering what the preaching pastor at Cherry Hills … Continue reading

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guess where I am

The parents of my grandkids sent me another plane ticket so here I am! Even though I come fairly often, I’m still treated like an honored guest when I arrive. Taylor came over right after work to eat some pizza … Continue reading

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