invention’s mother?

Mauri’s at the coast to help lead four week-long retreats at Harbor Villa. Since he’s been doing this for several Januarys now, he’s learned how to settle into the nice space provided for him, making it “home.” The organizers provide good meals, but sometimes, especially now that he’s on Weight Watchers, he likes to have his own food on hand. In years past he’s taken a little fridge, but this year he decided to simplify. Last week he sent me this picture of his food-cooling invention:

With the window cracked open, his perishables stayed just cool enough. Trouble was, they had high winds, and he would sometimes come in to find his food scattered on the floor.

He came home for a day over the weekend and took back a more water-resistant box and some mini bungee cords. Today I got this picture:

He named it “newImproved.”

Necessity is the mother of invention!

While I’m at it, here’s another picture he sent:

Pretty cool, huh?

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4 Responses to invention’s mother?

  1. Ridge says:

    Look out Whirlpool…your competition is at work! The pic of the heron is a winner, I think this needs to be printed and made into cards or something. Gorgeous!

  2. LizW says:

    I had no idea Mauri was so creative (outside the music notes, of course!). Very nice 🙂

  3. Aj says:

    My dad would SO approve: was Mauri an Eagle Scout as well?

  4. Elizabeth says:

    Oh, man. National Geographic quality. Beautiful!

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