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…tunes posted

Marvel already mentioned my return from the coast. It was good to be there and participate in good times with good people, but it’s great to be home. I’ve posted some tunes on the music page that were part of … Continue reading

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he’s back

Mauri returned yesterday from his month at the coast. We were both ready to resume our normal way of life. While talking on the phone and dropping each other e-mail notes is very nice, nothing quite measures up to the … Continue reading

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there and here

Mauri’s in his fourth and final week at the coast. You’ve seen some of the camera shots he’s passed my way (the last series included). Here are a couple from this morning. He took this one before morning prayers… …and … Continue reading

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Here’s a nice series to post while I’m eating lunch: Look to the right… …look to the left… …no one’s watching… …Ahhhhhhhhhh!

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wash my mouth out with soap

An acquaintance stopped by my office to leave something for me to distribute. As he left he met someone in the hall and returned to get one of what he brought me. Before my brain had a chance to censor … Continue reading

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i named this one myself

“regalEagle” He also sends me pictures of food he’s about to eat. Most of them include oysters in some shape or form. For now, I’m sticking with birds.

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He named it “doubleEagle.”

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