white christmas

We’ve been dreaming of this white Christmas for the past two years. Finally, after much planning, the Macy/Anderson/Carlson clan gathered in Denver at Quinn and Dusty’s house on the Saturday before Christmas. On Sunday we caravaned three cars and a trailer up the mountains to Breckenridge, where we quickly settled in this beautiful rented home…

…and began strategizing the best use of our snow time. The next morning we woke up to this view from our bedroom window:

After the Anderson kids were dropped off at their ski lessons,

their parents headed for the slopes,

the Carlson brothers loaded their snowboards in the car,

and the rest of us stopped at Daylight Donuts in downtown Breckenridge to “fuel up”…

…before the four Macys headed out on the cross-country ski trail.

Meanwhile, Mauri and I shared the town of Breckenridge with the many others who thought Christmas Eve in the Rockies was a great idea.

When we went back to get Pete and Lins and John and Erin, we took a little snow walk. Be sure your sound is on so you don’t miss the point of this video:

Everyone returned to the homestead with all bones intact and only minor bruises from our playday in the snow.

Here is a photojournal of the rest of our time together.

Not sure who won this game.

These four girls played beauty shop with Marissa’s new hair stuff and all got fancy do’s.

Our family “stockings” filled and ready to open.

Patiently waiting.

Dusty liked what was in that red bag.

Can you tell what grownup 11-year-old got a cell phone from his parents?

Our family tradition is to exchange $5 stocking gifts (that’s why we need those big pillowcase stockings). This year Taylor gave us each a $5 Colorado Lotto ticket. After all the scraping…

Mauri won…$5!

After all my scraping…

I won $50! You can call me Lucky from now on.

Green-scarf queens


The empress’s new clothes

Goofy uncles

Already texting

Skyping Erin’s parents in Virginia. Gotta love technology!

Chilling with Uncle Ben

Family group shot before heading home

Okay, one more family group shot—with snow!

Meanwhile, some new snow had fallen back at the Andersons’ house, and Quinn thought we needed a path.

Taylor (near) and Ben (far), from Colorado and Michigan respectively, are familiar with the snow shovel.

Duke is ready to come inside.

Missing from this collection are pictures that illustrate the time Quinn spent in the kitchen. We all helped (sometimes by staying out of her way…), but she and Dusty did a spectacular job of hosting us. We all had such a great time together that we didn’t even mind the four extra hours it took us to get home, thanks to our extra white Christmas. We couldn’t have asked for more. The blessing of family can’t be beat.


P.S. If you can stick around a little longer, I’ll share my latest series. Only one of these was posed for the sake of completion.

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7 Responses to white christmas

  1. Denise says:

    Sigh…it looks like it was as wonderful as you said it was! Precious memories…and precious pics! Good job, “star reporter!”

  2. Alan says:

    Ahhh…. family.

  3. Jamie says:

    Thanks so much for sharing the pictures–it’s wonderful seeing you guys enjoy family time!

  4. LizW says:

    I’ve been checking every day for what I knew would be a wonderful report from Colorado! Looks like you had an awesome time with snow and family! PLUS – Mauri looks pretty cozy in those fleece party pants!!!!!! 🙂

  5. LizW says:

    PS – what’d you buy with your winnings?!!?

  6. Sherry says:

    On Sunday I was shopping at my favorite store (Goodwill) and found an Anne Kline like-new leather jacket I thought would be a pretty good trade for my $50 winnings. Oooooo, it’s so smooth, the pockets so lush.

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