Sunday Serenade

Today was a day of music. In this morning’s worship service the folk ensemble led us in several traditional carols and a fun rendition of “The Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy.” Later in the afternoon I went over to hear a Tom Fettke cantata, “Love, Joy, Peace,” performed by some folks who live at Friendsview Retirement Community. I know many of the singers personally because they attend our church, but I had special interest in that cute alto in the second row, Mom Edna. Here’s a little taste.

I sat in the second row so couldn’t include all the singers in my video (without causing a distraction), but I wish you could have seen those old folks (Mom is 89) singing their hearts out. Yes, they’re past their prime but far from past making a joyful noise. I’m glad we get to keep singing even when the pipes start to rust.

From there I headed over to our church, where a group called “Rising Violet” was setting up for an evening concert. I had my trusty little camera along to snap a few photos for the church newsletter, so I recorded another little video to share with you. The blond violinist in the center, Wendy Goodwin, grew up in our church and used to play violin in the folk ensemble that led worship this morning, so we have special interest in where she has taken her musical gifts.

The concert was delicious in every way. The rest of the audience thought so too and applauded until we got our hoped-for encore.

Back at home, I climbed out of my street clothes into my sleep clothes (even though it was still early) and sat down to upload the movies while sitting by the warm woodstove. Nirvana! A few minutes after Mauri left for the airport to pick up John Macy from his Honolulu-to-Portland flight (a business trip), the doorbell rang. I could hear the singing as I walked down the hall. These carolers (also friends from church) provided me with my third concert of the day. I delighted in every note, and after their final song I asked if I could take a picture to make this post complete.

I’ve been on the receiving end of music all day long. Thanks for enjoying it with me.

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  1. LizW says:

    What a lovely, Christmasy day!! šŸ™‚

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