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sacred harp singing

Last night we had more fun than any 13 people oughta have. Nine adventurous and brave singers from the worshipEnsemble came to our house for chili and cornbread and to experiment with sacred harp singing. David and Carol Sherwood, friends … Continue reading

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it’s that time again

The battery-operated candles are in all of the front and side windows. They come on by themselves at dusk and go off by themselves at dawn. Talk about low-maintenance Christmas decor! At least in the evenings the Macy house looks … Continue reading

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One of our table questions today was: What five things would you not want to live without? “The Internet,” “my feet,” “a car,” “my computer” were some of the answers we gave. But the one that brought a unison uh,huh … Continue reading

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diapers and formula

I am moved by Quinn’s obedience to the nudge she felt from God to act on behalf of the people she met on a recent missions trip to Juarez, Mexico. Enough to make me want to join the cause. Here’s … Continue reading

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fall tour

The Young Friends Singers are having their fall tour this weekend. Last night they performed at a local book/coffee shop, Chapters, and here’s a picture I took. The group is smaller than usual, but they sang great to an audience … Continue reading

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bad law

We have a ridiculous law in Oregon that gives pedestrians the right of way. Sure, they’re supposed to cross in designated crosswalks, but I’ve witnessed enough close calls to convince me people have grown delusional about their own mortality. They … Continue reading

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I finally got IKEA out of my system today. Ever since a store opened in Portland (by the airport) last summer I’ve wanted to find an opening in my days to drive out and look around, get acquainted with its … Continue reading

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serendipity extraordinaire

I’m still beaming from my Denver layover today. Last night I sent Quinn an e-note just to say I’d be in Denver from 2:12 to 3:40 on my way to Wichita for some church-related meetings. She wrote back: Feel like … Continue reading

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church retreat

Last weekend we enjoyed gorgeous fall weather out to the Oregon coast during our third annual church retreat. One highlight from our first and second years that rests toward the top of my list was a serendipitous deja vu. The … Continue reading

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