mauri’s pennsylvania adventures

My dear man went to Pennsylvania, and all I got was this lousy lip balm.

Truth be told, he knew it was the perfect present to bring me, the lifelong lover of Good and Plenty.

But on to bigger and better things—pictures of his adventure to see Rachel and John in Philadelphia. They’re happily settled in their good life there, Rachel as a third-grade teacher in a charter school, John finishing his art degree at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts. Here’s Rachel at her school.

And here’s John taking his turn in the printmaking lab.

Of course, Rachel and John wanted to take Pop to some of their favorite eateries, especially to celebrate two birthdays. Have a slice!

Mauri took a couple of day trips to nearby places of interest. One was to Lancaster, Amish country.

Yes, that’s tobacco!

He took special interest in this mode of transportation. He tried to quiz one rider on the pecularities of this bike-looking scooter, but that conversation was unrewarding.

The day trip to Nazareth (by way of Bethlehem) was very rewarding.

This is where Mauri’s “old friend” was created back in the early ’70s. He’s played a lot of guitars in the intervening years, but the Martin remains his favorite. There was a time early on in our marriage that I wondered which one of us had first place in his heart. I think I won out, but it’s a close second. He tells about when he had had it only a week. He bent over it and a pencil fell out of his pocket and doinked its new spruce top. And he thought, Oh, good, now I don’t have to worry about that happening.

So you can see why he took special pleasure in the Martin guitar factory tour. Here’s a picture he named “martinsEverywhere!”

While he took in every detail of the tour, the best was yet to come. He was invited to play a new guitar just like his (now they call it “vintage”), and he thought it was pretty good (that’s a high mark in his vocabulary). But wait! There’s more. He walked in this area, the Chris Martin collection,…

…and discovered that one of the few guitars selected as favorites for display was…

…a guitar identical to his own!

One more adventure on the way to the airport was to stop at the downtown Macy’s store to see and hear the Wanamaker organ, maybe the largest working organ in the world. So here’s one last picture of my dear man seated at the organ in “our” store. It was a sight and a sound to behold.

Thus endeth the reporting of Mauri’s Pennsylvania adventures. Now I’m going to go try out my Good and Plenty Lip Balm.

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2 Responses to mauri’s pennsylvania adventures

  1. Ridge says:

    Great pics! Rachel looks so happy! Loved the pics of tobbacco in the Amish barn…hmmm, how does that fit in with “in the world, but not of the world.” Guess it’s “just business”!

  2. Deborah J. says:

    Hey there….these pictures were delightful! I’m sorry I don’t usually leave messages, but I do enjoy reading your blog from time to time…you guys are amazing! Now every time I hear someone say, “It’s amazing!” I start singing ‘I am a Friend of God’….the ‘it’s amazing’ part. On Sunday alone I had the opportunity 4 different times throughout the day!!!!

    Anywho, I am glad that I am a friend of youse guyze!

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