pc or discrimination?

Mauri has enjoyed taking his digital SLR camera to the wildlife reserve in Sherwood, a neighboring town, to shoot birds for his growing collection. Herons, especially. He’s enjoyed watching the development of the reserve, with the addition of walkways and observation benches. Last week, as we drove past on our way in from the airport, he mentioned the new parking lot—with four prime spaces reserved for hybrids. Seven days later this information still occupies space in my mind. It bothers me for reasons more important than that I will have to walk a little farther than some others next time I want to visit the reserve.

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5 Responses to pc or discrimination?

  1. Ridge says:

    I vote descrimination! Who among us can afford a $25,000 car? Good intention is only one tenth of the equation!

    I’ll have to tell Jess about this, I don’t think she knows it’s there. I definitely want to visit next time we’re down there!

  2. Alan says:

    I’d agree with discrimination. The total carbon footprint AND negative environmental impact of the sourcing, manufacturing, and disposal of hybrid batteries is much greater than a simple very fuel-efficient car. Of course, if we can’t afford a $25k hybrid, there’s no way we could buy a hypercar, either.

  3. Walt says:

    I vote for pc. Ask a Jetta tdi owner what kind of mileage they get.

  4. Mike says:

    It looks like discrimination to me…

    Will the tow trucks that they have to call be required to run on vegetable oil?

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