Two tanned vacationers loved their time away but were ready to see their youngest, who was equally happy to see them. Here’s the evidence:

As timing would have it, Quinn and I got to attend another Beth Moore conference in downtown Denver today. We didn’t anticipate that Travis Cottrell would be with her to lead the worship singing, since this day was part of a Women of Faith conference. But there he was, leading and singing some of our favorite music.

Beth’s topic today centered around the tribe of Asher, the most blessed of Jacob’s sons. Sound boring? Beth has a way of bringing scripture to life while keeping all her teaching in context. Words fail me as I try to describe how blessed I felt to spend the day, from our top-row perspective, with Quinn and the thousands of women gathered at the Pepsi Center to learn more about following Christ with whole and happy hearts. If you ever have an opportunity to attend a Beth Moore conference, do!

We returned to a house full of happy Anderson kids, and soon we were headed to Buca de Beppo for our second year in a row to celebrate Taylor’s birthday. Sunday I’ll fly home, now that all my purposes have been accomplished, with more busy days to look forward to. I wouldn’t want you to catch me napping, now would I?

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  1. I was there too! And loved it, of course. I put together a bookmark for my Bible with the prayer she taught us. If you’re interested, I posted it over on my blog.

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