i’m still grinning

I told Taylor he’d just have to put up with the silly grin on my face. It’s downright impossible to contain my happiness at seeing him in his work environment. I’ve never sugar-coated the fact that it took a hefty amount of emotional energy to raise him (beginning at infancy!), and it didn’t always seem he was doing his part to become a useful member of society. That’s why today’s outing to see him at work felt especially rewarding—not that I’m taking credit for where he is. That’s the beauty of it—he did it, not I! His own motivation got him through the army training that helped him land a good job as a biomedical equipment technician at University of Colorado Hospital in Denver. And his own qualifications got him chosen to be sent to radiology school, already begun via Internet training and will continue in Cleveland, OH, in November. It’s enough to make a mother proud—and relieved and thankful.

My outing buddy

That’s T in the middle of two coworkers (Cass and Ryan).

It was just too cute to not include.

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2 Responses to i’m still grinning

  1. Marcile says:

    Of course you are grinnin’! That’s what Mom’s do when we see our kids doing well and finding their place. Good news!

  2. Ridge says:

    Hats off to you, Mama! And Taylor….take a bow!

    xxoo Ridge

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