we both lost weight today

Yesterday we hauled all the collected stuff down from the attics (yes, we have two) and set up the tables, some makeshift, and spread it out. This morning we got up early and organized it and priced it. At 9 a.m. I headed out to put up our new cool signs. About 15 minutes later Mauri called me on my cell phone to tell me my signs were very effective; they led some city official straight to our house to let us know I had broken city code by their placement. Sigh. So I went back and moved them to comply with the rules. And the people came in droves to pore over what we had formerly treasured and were now ready to pass along to new owners.

After four hours, we had reduced our weight sufficiently to call it good. The money we counted after I collected the signs, and our garage again held two cars, represented only partially the success we felt for the effort. By reducing our possessions (we still have plenty!) we simplify our future. I recommend it!

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